Music themed slot games

Music is naturally such a fundamental part of human activity that as a theme, the art form creeps into all kinds of amusement. The online casino world is hardly immune to the charms of the muse, and so quite a goodly number of great music themed slot games are available for the casino player.

Are there a lot of rock ‘n’ roll-themed slot games?

You bet (so to speak)! The worldwide appeal of this 20th-century folk music combined with the appeal of the online casino to those who lived during the historical high point of the art form – from about 1962 to whenever Kurt Cobain blew his brains out – make rock ‘n’ roll a readily-used theme for slot machine designers.

Several rock ‘n’ roll slots games are set in the good ol’ fashioned Jukebox Hero milieu (even if we don’t include the seeming killions of games based on American Idol and its ilk), including Rock ‘n’ Rolls, Rock Star and Reels of Rock. Since rock has been the musical home of American reminiscing since at least the 1970s when thirtysomething Bob Seger led the fake nostalgia wave, you bet there’s retro: Revisit the (sanitized version of the) 50s in Rockabillions and Doo Wop Daddy O.

A few musical acts are big and/or distinctive enough to merit their own games: Check out Madness based on easily the most popular British ska band ever; Megadeth, whose heavy guitar licks go intensely well with the slot game; and Plumbo, Norway’s favorite rock band whose slot game attests to both the band’s overwhelming popularity and the native country’s love for online casinos.

Elvis the King online slot gameAnd yes, Elvis is everywhere in the online gambling scene. We have to admit, though, that some Elvis-themed games are quite good: Elvis the King, Elvis: Multi-Strike, Elvis: A Little More Action are, well, Elvisirrific.

Creatures of Rock – featuring silicon-based alien lifeforms with a penchant for guitar solos – is definitely the most bizarre mashup of the lot, but our longtime favorite in the sub-subgenre is Rock On! (Exclmation point included in title – we’re not *that* excited, though it’s a pretty swell slots game indeed.) Rock On! Includes characterizations of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Nicks, Axel Rose and Gene Simmons is some sort of super and-from-hell lineup.

The above mentioned Rock&Roll slot games online, we found them here:

What about Disco slots?

Despite its frankly very short life as a viable form for pop music, disco, it seems, will never die. Boogie nights may still be had at essentially any casino, online or off. Disco Slot and its sequel Disco Slot 80 (the latter a combination of disco and retro 80s themes) are good basics, as it Disco Fruits. Disco Night Fright may be considered a mashup of late 70s disco flicks and the early 80s comedy/horror flick Fright Night. And the disco slot we love the most is the 90s-style pub slot The Gee Gees, a game in which anthropomorphized donkeys star, thus bringing new meaning to the expression “shake that ass.”

Anything jazzy in online casino slot games?

The cool cats into this highly complex American art form will be well served while playing online slots. Get hep to the scene of online slots in games like Jazz of New Orleans, Jazzy and Microgaming’s Rat Pack, into its second decade online and still quite impressive.

Are there samba slot games?

Samba Nights Slot Game¡Ciertamente! Since spreading from South America into Europe and North America, Latin rhythms have been popular worldwide for just over a century now; naturally, international pop culture feels said rhythm often. In slots land, the player may check out Samba Spins, Samba Nights, Lucky Tango and At The Copa. This last slot is not actually based on the Barry Manilow song of 1978, thus making the title one hell of a troll perpetuated by the folks at BetSoft for every player of a certain age will instantly have those lyrics in mind: “at the CO-PA / CO-PA-ca-BA-na / THE hot-TEST spot NORTH of HAV-A-NA!”

What about rap, hip-hop and EDYM?

Right, well, here’s where the prevailing casino game industry continues to fail into the late 2010s. Slot game designers rarely, if ever, appeal to would-be Millennial generation players either in presentation or thematically, and a relative lack of slots themed on any sort of music popularized after the 1980s is evidence of how far behind the times much of the industry is.

Want further proof? B-boy’s Street may be an OK slots game, but this was clearly designed and/or overseen by those far removed from the subculture they sought to capture in this slot; terrible title, too. Likewise, Superstar DJ and the pun-awfully titled Gift Rap are decent plays, but really generic. Come on, y’all, get with it!

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