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Rider-Radio’s favorite musical act of the 2010s? That super duo of turntable wizards from Milan, Italy, known as DJs from Mars. Though Turin is a fantastic city, Rider-Radio figures that “DJs from Mars” is a tad more eye-catching than “DJs from Turin.”

DJs from Mars were born/created/spawned/genetically manipulated into being in 2003, the duo themselves a mashup of two already noted producers Aqualuce and Ventafunk. The two immediately hit upon the idea to “bring the mashup attitude into Electronic Dance Music.” Though these mashups (a.k.a. bootlegs) rapidly became staples at clubs and the DJs’ original tracks got healthy airplay on European radio, the DJs would not release a formal album until the pressing of Alien Nation volumes 1 and 2 in 2010.

Since Alien Nation dropped, the DJs expanded their travel retinue to beyond Europe and spent a good six years touring the US, Canada and Mexico; India, China, Japan and Indonesia; Australia and lots more Europe. After some 600 shows, the cube-headed aliens temporarily settled in Las Vegas for a two-year residency in 2016-17, almost certainly due to the city’s proximity to Area 51.

During their time in Nevada, DJs from Mars announced a new sound and direction for the band, (sadly) moving away from bootlegs and remixes into original tracks. “Harlem” was the DJs’ first such release for Polydor UK/Ego Italy, and 2018 has seen the ET DJs traveling the skyways of Earth on tour again.

But what about the bootleg mashups?

Yes, all right. That’s what Rider-Radio loves the DJs from Mars for best, anyway, though their show beyond the mashups is straight-up amazing as well. The DJs label their mashup tracks with a composite title and a “versus” style artist credit; the end result is a string of long-ass titles nearly as breathtakingly epic as the tracks themselves. Below are just a very few of Rider-Radio’s favorites.

Macklemore vs Snoop Dogg vs Nirvana: Drop It Like Its Thrift. Otherwise known as Snoop and Kurt make Macklemore palatable. & Britney vs Knife Party vs The Knack vs Fatboy Slim: Scream & Shout. Inclusion of the guitar hook from “My Sharona” has been scientifically proven to augment the awesomeness of any remix by 7.2%

James Brown vs Bob Marley: I Got You Jamming. Not so much a “versus” as an easily-imaginable collaboration between two of the four most sampled dudes in 1980s/90s hiphop. (The others are George Clinton and Prince.)

Beasty boys radioBeastie Boys vs House of Pain vs Sandro Silva & Quintino: Intergalactic Epic Jump. And keeping those watching on the edge of their seats is the remix of the Beasties’ “Intergalactic” video – will the gigantic DJs from Mars destroy the Japanese metropolis?

Coldplay vs AC/DC vs 2 Unlimited: Thunderstruck is a No-Limits Waterfall and

Oasis vs AC/DC vs Skrillex vs Knife Party: Back To Wonderwall. So it turns out that what the Britpop bands of the 1990s really needed was Malcolm Young on guitar.

Ariana Grande vs Zedd vs Dire Straits vs Lazy Rich: Bonk Free 4 Nothing. This track is from April 2015 and is a teamup work with DJ Surda. Very sophisticated stuff here.

Beethoven vs. Chemical Brothers: Symphony no. 5 vs. Galvanize. O yes, Rider-Radio saved this one. What appears to be the most outrageous matchup in a long list of craziness, this track is actually among the DJs for Mars’s very best work and serves as a fantastic introduction to what this duo does. Additionally, Symphony no. 5 vs Galvanize answers a question that has plagued historians for years: Would Beethoven dig on dubstep?

The answer is a resounding “yes.” Or however you say “yes” in Martian…

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