Welcome to the once-again rejuvenated Rider-Radio. In all its iterations, this website has served to celebrate contemporary music and musicmaking, and this tradition well be continued with a new editorial team. Rider-Radio is not yet a full-on radio station or a live streaming service, though we strive to be, for someday … someday. In the meantime, we’ll be posting material on various music-centered themes.

Welcome to the Rider Radio home pageRider-Radio is not an online music station (someday!), but if it were, it would run a playlist emphasizing music of the 21st century. Though the emphasis will certainly be on American hiphop, European techno and various sorts of EDM, the playlist will regularly reach back into the classic rock archives to pepper in the occasional Beatles or Pink Floyd track; into the 80s bin for Prince and late-decade rap; and the 90s era for the Pearl Jam and Nirvana and whatnot.

If Rider-Radio were a music station, a hefty collection of anything classified as “world beat music” would certainly make the cut, perhaps in its own time slot. Who doesn’t want awesome beats dropped from the Far East or the Yukon or Russia or sub-Saharan Africa? Nice.

Also Norman Cook’s remix of “Brimful of Asha.”

If Rider-Radio were a music station, the underlying philosophy would be “We play good music.” Nevermind the genre, era or specific message. Possible selections for Rider-Radio would be held to one consideration: Is it a good song? If the answer is “yes”, said ditty makes the playlist – and no such thing as “heavy rotation” exists at the mythical (and awesome) Rider-Radio.

Incidentally, hand in hand with the “Is it a good song?” litmus test, the whole philosophy which forgives the shortcomings of past songs with a blasé “it is what it is” or the even worse qualifiers “for its time” and “for what it was”. It’s just about time we get rid of such bullshit thinking in every walk of life well beyond music appreciation. For example: From our viewpoint of the 2010s, it’s easy to see that much of rock music from the 60s into the present is about swaggering packs of males trying desperately to get laid. (Prior to this, dudes like Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis played the sly sex-conniver roles in solo acts.)

Now application of this philosophy will expose wide swathes of catalogues of bands venerated by the masses, bands such as The Who, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, the Doors – and this shouldn’t be a problem. If the sensibilities portrayed in 1950s and 60s movies today come off as primitive, do we continue to hold the movie as a classic or is it blissfully forgotten about as the product of a gone age? Right. Time to burn a few sacred cows, folks.

Finally, Rider-Radio isn’t an actual radio station, but if it were we’d definitely run something on the Canadian Football League and its most popular Saskatchewan Roughriders franchise. CFL football is straightup dope – and is about the only thing that could keep Rider-Radio off the YouTube video searches and playlist creation.

So until Rider-Radio is fully grown enough to at least provide some of our favorite playlists, we’ll write about music. Because to paraphrase the great Laurie Anderson, if you can dance about architecture, why can’t you write about music?

Music themed slot games

Music themed slot games
Music is naturally such a fundamental part of human activity that as a theme, the art form creeps into all kinds of amusement. The online casino world is hardly immune to the charms of the muse, and so quite a goodly number of great music themed slot games are available for the casino player.

Saskatchewan Roughriders

Saskatchewan Roughriders
All right, Rider-Radio realizes how American it is to bestow a moniker like “Canada’s Team” on the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders. If such an entity as “Canada’s Team exists in professional sports, the only franchises in the running for the title are the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronot Raptors, sole Canada-based sides in US-dominated leagues.

DJs from Mars

DJs from Mars
Rider-Radio’s favorite musical act of the 2010s? That super duo of turntable wizards from Milan, Italy, known as DJs from Mars. Though Turin is a fantastic city, Rider-Radio figures that “DJs from Mars” is a tad more eye-catching than “DJs from Turin.”

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